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One for the older children about a very clever wizard called Wizzy-Woo. Three large pictorial cards display an image of a bottle, a jar and a phial, of the tpe one would find in a laboratory – CHANGING POTION (which can change people into monkeys), WOOFLE DUST (when sprinkled, can make people float in mid-air) and VANISHING LIQUID (when poured over people can make them disappear.) All three cards are placed inside a brightly coloured stiff envelope which has a cut-out window on its front. After discarding the CHANGING POTION and the WOOFLE DUST cards, the performer is left with one remaining card – the VANISHING LIQUID. Wizzy-Woo claims he can make that one completely disappear, but the children soon spot the back design of the final card through the cut-outs in the envelope.  When removed and reversed, the performer says: “ It really has vanished – and here instead is a picture of that very clever wizard called Wizzy-Woo!” A full coloured image of the clever wizard himself is now on view. The envelope now appears to be empty.