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A super ‘sucker’ type effect. A bold image of an empty tumbler is seen through a cut-out window on a stiff cardboard envelope. It’s removed and shown, then replaced. Displaying the back of the envelope towards the audience, the performer asks the children to pretend they have drinking straws, then asks them to blow through them towards the envelope. WHEN THE ENVELOPE IS REVERSED, THROUGH THE CUT-OUT WINDOW IS THE SAME TUMBLER CARD, BUT THE TUMBLER IS NOW FILLED WITH A RED COLOURED DRINK (pop.) The effect can now be presented in reverse form, the children sucking (in) through their imaginary straws so to ‘drain’ the liquid inside the tumbler. The children do so, but when the picture is shown, the tumbler still appears to be filled with red liquid. Removing the card from the envelope, the children clearly see the red liquid vanish into thin air. When the card is finally removed, THE AREA OF THE RED LIQUID IS NOW A CUT-OUT.