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The children’s entertainer recites the well-known nursery rhyme ‘Little Bo Peep’ as he displays a stack of beautifully printed (coloured) cards, hiding their faces from                             view at this stage. The top card of the stack is shown to be an attractive image of Little Bo Peep, which is now placed at the bottom of the pile. A snap of the cards and she magically jumps to the top. Removed and displayed upright, back facing children, this procedure is repeated several times, Bo Peep reappearing back on top of the pile. The performer is left with ONE card – it’s Little Bo Peep! The children automatically think that all the cards contain pictures of her – but WRONG – when the three removed cards on display are reversed, they display the images of cute cartoon sheep, one on each. Top Kids’ entertainer David Ginn (U.S.A.) fell in love with this great item. Self-contained. Superb artwork. Professionally printed.