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Ian’s very latest effect for children’s entertainment.  A large printed card with the bold word MELON printed on it is seen through the cut-out window of a stiff cardboard envelope.  The performer states that if he shakes the envelope (and card) in the air, the word MELON will magically rearrange itself and become another. As he does this, he cheekily reverses the envelope; it now has the word LEMON printed on it – the same five letters having rearranged themselves by magic! The children are not impressed. As he displays the card showing MELON, he says: “Oh, you think the other side has LEMON on it, do you? Well, you’re absolutely right – here it is.” WHEN THE CARD IS FINALLY REVERSED, INSTEAD OF THE WORD LEMON ON IT, THERE’S AN ILLUSTRATION OF A BRIGHT YELLOW LEMON FRUIT ON VIEW – a realistic one for all to see.