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The performer explains that Fu Ling Yu is a very clever wizard who can make anything disappear – a hanky, a Chinese plant – even a Chinese dragon!  A large picture of a Chinese dragon is displayed, this being placed inside a brightly coloured, stiff envelope with Chinese motifs printed on same. He states that Fu Ling Yu will make the dragon disappear. However, he cheekily and suspiciously reverses the envelope and brings out the picture card now showing a space where the dragon used to be – he’s vanished! The children are not impressed. This procedure is repeated back and forth. When he finally displays the card showing the empty space, the children demand to see the other side. He says: “No, there’s no dragon…I’m not fooling you…because, here’s Fu Ling Yu, that very clever wizard. Let’s give him a big round of applause.”  When reversed, the picture is of the wizard himself – all in bright colours. Nicely printed cards, stiff ‘Chinese’ envelope and a complete routine.