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Two naughty looking cartoon cats printed on stiff cardboard cards are shown. The performer states that they tried to steal their master’s (Ivor Caughtwun) fish which he has just caught (picture card of cartoon fish shown.) Both cat cards, plus the fish one are popped into a brightly coloured, stiff cardboard envelope, which has two cut-out windows on its front. Moments later, both cat cards are removed one at a time, the performer stating that he has made the fish vanish, so they can’t have it! – but the children clearly see parts of it showing through the cut-out windows. When slowly removed, the complete fish visibly transforms into a skeleton one! The naughty cats are surely responsible. The children demand to see the other side of the card. “Hands up those who like fish fingers? I do!” he asks, as he reverses the final card which reveals an image of FISH FINGERS. Why not Google (in)  – YouTube Ian Adair-magician and you will see Ian demonstrate this effect.