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David Ginn (U.S.A.) features this item in his shows – so will you!  Three brightly coloured stiff cardboard envelopes, each with a cut-out window on their fronts are introduced; inside each is a large card, displaying the illustration of a bold paw mark in solid black against three different coloured backgrounds. The performer stages a pretend dog show and gets two children to assist by freely selecting a card (using the colours.) He explains, that whilst the picture of a dog on the reverse side may be a nice one, the one HE will be left with will be extra special – the real winner, winning first prize! When reversed, the children’s cards reveal cute looking dogs – plus, there’s a 1st prize rosette image on each. BUT WHEN THE LAST REMAINING CARD, LEFT TO THE PERFORMER IS SLOWLY REMOVED FROM THE ENVELOPE, THE PICTURE DISPLAYS A GHASTLY LOOKING DOG, A WEIRD and CRAZY DOG THAT NO CHILD WOULD EVER WANT TO OWN AS A PET! Supplied is a special set of window envelopes, cards and routine.