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A visual fun-packed routine on the lines of classic effects Hippity-Hop Bottles and Bottle & Glass, but using bright, colourful cards. Packs flat.  The performer displays two large printed cards – one showing the image of a FULL bottle of Cola, the other, an empty tumbler. These are placed singly into two different coloured stiff envelopes which are positioned apart. He states that they will magically change places, but he suspiciously reverses them. The children soon catch on.  This is repeated a few more times.  Finally, the bottle and glass illustrated cards DO change places. But the children demand to see the reverse sides of the cards. When reversed, the empty tumbler illustration of the tumbler is now FILLED WITH COLA, whilst the Cola illustration shows it is EMPTY – THE Cola liquid has magically passed from bottle to tumbler. Special gaffed cards, designed by John Breeds makes it all possible.