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Four large pictorial cards are displayed. The first one depicts a cute cartoon picture of Cuthbert the caterpillar, whilst the other three display images of lovely crisp lettuces. Cuthbert loves to nibble amongst those freshly picked lettuces. The Cuthbert card (back to audience), is inserted between the others, and one other lettuce card is reversed. “Where’s Cuthbert? The performer asks the children. They can’t find him. As the lettuce cards are individually discarded, one remains. It must be Cuthbert! No!  When the card is reversed, the performer says: “You see, Cuthbert is no longer a caterpillar – he’s changed into a beautiful butterfly.” And there pictured on the final card is a super butterfly illustration in a multitude of colours – a super finish to a fun-packed routine, and one used by top magician, David Ginn (U.S.A.)