Publication Year: 2014

Just published!
Limited edition of only 50 books, each numbered and signed.
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About the Book

How would you like to predict the headlines of any national newspaper one week or more before it is published?

Or –  predict the results of football matches, cup finals, Grand national horse race winners, winning lottery numbers, general election results…?

Many different methods have been used in the past. This latest ONE is the best!

Ian Adair has been successfully predicting all of these since he was a teenage magician – on stage, at major events and on television (Ian predicted winning football results on tv’s ‘Scotsport’).

You are not simply buying a booklet.

You are obtaining an semi-exclusive method which

you can use freely – on stage or on television.

TWO separate sessions take place…anywhere – of YOUR choice, in front of an audience with a well-known person of authority to take charge of the actual ‘prediction’ (Could be the Mayor or Provost of the town or a personality).

The prediction – the headlines of a national newspaper, a week or more before publication – is written on a free choice of coloured paper. Self-adhesive coloured spots from a wide range are chosen by the person of authority, these used to seal the edges of the folded prediction. The date and time of the written prediction is chalked onto the inner panel of an examined wooden box. The prediction is placed inside the box which is then sealed, using a padlock and key.

The person of authority now takes charge of the sealed box containing the prediction, and is asked to bring it to a second session (in front of an audience, with reporters and photographers standing by).

The box is opened by the person of authority, and the prediction is removed by him or her.

During this presentation the performer never touches the actual folded prediction paper.

Yet, when it is opened by the person of authority, and the contents read aloud by him or her – the actual headlines of the day’s national newspaper is proved to be 100{49d6d99d76a2a8b0ac58fe7adb126041552381545e4e7dd6981cc037fa30bcc1} correct! It’s there in writing and the prediction is checked against the newspaper.

Ian Adair explains the necessary requirements, the working method, and how to present both sessions.

You receive a 24 page booklet which is illustrated with line drawings, has stiff covers and comb binding. REMEMBER…you are not just buying a booklet – you will be one of only fifty magicians in the world to present this extremely practical method. You will be obtaining the rights to perform this superb publicity stunt anywhere, anytime.

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