166 pages. Scores of illustrations. Coloured photos galore!, Highly recommended by Richard Cadell (of Tv's Sooty programmes). Mark Leveridge editor of the glossy magazine Magicseen said: "I'm sure that many could come to consider this as their 'bible' of hand puppet information". Ideal for children's entertainers wishing to introduce a hand puppet (or puppets) into their shows, or, for the advanced entertainer seeking new and original ideas. The author used much of this material during his days as a full time children's entertainer.

About the Book

Over his lifetime, the author has successfully incorporated hand puppets into his magic shows. Bookers clearly see that this is an additional feature. The author has had great success with his ‘Scotty’ dog puppet which featured in his television series ‘Magic’ and toured with the great Harry Corbett of Sooty fame.
Chapters include: Selecting your puppet character – Hand puppet techniques – Set-ups – Using standard tricks – clever bits of business -complete routines using a hand puppet. Richard Cadell, television presenter of the Sooty Show, sent an email to say that he would have loved having this book years ago and that he recommends it to children’s entertainers who use hand puppets in their shows or are thinking about it.
There are also pages of full coloured photos displaying well-known magicians and entertainers who have become household names through stage and television, pictured with their recognisable puppet characters.

Indeed, the children’s entertainer who has the desire to present an entire act using a hand puppet will find this book contains everything he or she would want to know.

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