Predict the score of any cup final a week before the match has been played.
Limited edition of only 50 copies. Each numbered and signed. No future printings. Exclusive to those who purchase it.

About the Book

The author caused a sensation when he presented this unbelievable prediction effect on television. He now reveals his cunning method to 50 magicians only (50 copies printed).

This method is completely different to that of his Headline Prediction effect

Football is a sport which is followed by millions of fans worldwide. The game has wide appeal and different countries follow their teams in the hope that they are the ultimate cup finalists.

Two separate sessions are arranged, both in front of audiences, with a prominent person taking charge of the sealed envelope which contains the score of the Cup Final between both teams one week before the match is played!  When the author presented it, he involved a well-known local footballer, the large prediction card being placed inside an envelope which was sealed. The footballer signed his name over the seal. The envelope was placed inside a strong metal cash box which was locked. The footballer took charge of the box, and after the match had taken place, brought it along to the second session (again in front of an audience).

The strong metal box was unlocked by the footballer. The envelope was removed by the footballer who made sure his signature was still displayed across the seal.

In this clever method:

The footballer removes the card from inside the envelope.

There’s only ONE card inside the envelope.

The cash box can be handled by members of the audience.

The footballer reads aloud the contents – not only does the performer predict the winning team, but reveals the actual score of the match!

In this 24 page booklet, the author explains the items required, how to prepare them and how this simple, yet stunning prediction effect is achieved. It’s easy to do!

No faked ‘Billet Knives’ are used. Nothing added into the envelope. No switches of envelopes. The prominent person (footballer) can retain the prediction card, this becoming a magical souvenir of the presentation.

You are not just purchasing a 24 page booklet – the performing rights to use this super prediction effect on stage, at a sport’s venue, even on television is being exclusively granted.

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