200 pages. Illustrated throughout with drawings and coloured photos
The author delves back into the past, reliving the times he spent with magicians, inventors, makers and customers who were very much part of his life.
Revealing: many unpublished anecdotes - flashbacks, exposing disasters, triumphs and successes, plus his magical idols, heroes and favourite iconic magicians. This sequel also reveals both joyful and unhappy times at 'Supreme', once the largest magic dealing firm in the world.
This is the author's LATEST book, published recently. Highly praised by leading magicians and entertainers.
Limited edition, but still available at this present time.

About the Book

Launched and published in Buxton, Derbyshire, at the British Ring convention. Signed copies were purchased by leading magicians, and this is Ian’s sequel to Dealing with Magic – The Rise & Fall of The Supreme Magic Company.
Don’t take our word for it – let others do it for us. Here are just some of the appraisals:
“I just had to read the book in one sitting – a most interesting insight into the ‘Supreme’ years.”  Sam Dalal (India)
“I read it through from start to finish. I certainly learnt some things I didn’t already know.” Paul Daniels
” I thoroughly enjoyed reading this most interesting book. Such a wealth of information never before published.” Conny Ray (Sweden).
“After reading ‘Dealing with Magic’ for a second time, this new book answers many questions and fills in some interesting gaps. Well done!” Donald Bevan (Editor of Abracadabra magazine for decades).
“This is Ian’s story, and not a rehash of his previous book ‘Dealing with Magic’. A perfect example of how to write entertainingly on a subject that fascinates us all. There’s no one better qualified to tell that tale than Ian Adair.” Jeremy Le Poidevin (Practical Magic).

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