About Ian

IAN ADAIR (Member of the Inner Magic Circle) is the author of 314 published books covering all branches of magic. He is also the inventor of over 1,000 trick ideas which have been marketed by worldwide magic dealers, many of which are slanted towards the entertainment of children. His Encyclopaedia of Children’s Magic was a massive book of several hundreds of pages. It was a best seller and sadly is no longer available.


As a lecturer and demonstrator, appearing in front of magicians, Ian has appeared at all major magic conventions in the UK as well as those in USA (I.B.M). After decades of presenting kids’ shows at many different venues, including leading holiday complexes and on television (200 appearances), plus his creative thinking techniques, he offers children’s entertainers his superb range of illustrated books which reveal his original effects which can and will be a hit in your shows.

Ian Adair has received many major awards for his services to magic and was a partner in the largest magic dealing firm in the world The Supreme Magic Company Ltd. for 36 years, designing new and original magic products on a daily basis.


“I never used the magic word or spell Abracadabra in my kids’ magic shows. I used Abracadair instead. I was also known as MAGICIAN ADAIR (note my name Ian appears within the word magician) – I must have been born as a magician!”